Effects Of Addiction In The Family

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Addiction is one of the most harmful habits in a person’s life. It can ruin his personal or family life. We sometimes think that only drug addictions create problems but in fact, any addiction that grows in an uncontrolled fashion is equally harmful. There are so many negative effects of addictions in a family. In this article, we will focus on some major effects.

1. Drug addiction is the most dangerous addiction out there. If you look around, you will soon be finding that this addiction is the main cause of the crimes happening everyday in our society. The thieves, robbers, snatchers, and all other criminals have strong addictions either to drugs and alcohols or to gambling. If we consider the general people or specifically the young ones, we can see that they are frequently getting involved in addictions and creating bad impacts in their families. Drug addiction by a family member puts a lot of pressure on each of the other family members because families are like active units. When someone from the family takes prohibited drugs, he might acquire a critical disease like AIDS which makes all other family members vulnerable to this disease.

2. The persons involved in drug addiction frequently forget things or lose their concentration because their concentration lies only in the consumption of drugs. They ignore their responsibilities and thus become a useless member in the family. The make a habit of telling so many lies and they tend to listen to nobody, even not the elderly people who control the decisions of the family. Soon after being addicted, they try to steal money from other members of the family. Sometimes they torture to get money and show no respect to others. They become rude to others, scold the younger people every now and then, and keep quarrelling without definite reasons. These might affect their professional life too and they might get fired from their jobs. They acquire a habit of coming home late or even not coming at all for some days.

In addition to all of these hazards, the drug addicts lose the sense of respecting the neighbors and relatives. They don’t feel bad behaving roughly with them which makes the whole family ashamed in front of those people.

It’s actually tough to convince an addicted person that he/ she is really addicted which should be taken care of. Some addicted people don’t want to listen to the facts and ignore any attempts for recovery. They even get angrier than ever before and put the family in further danger. They commit crimes more frequently and bring a bad fortune for the family as the society tries to ignore them. Some addicted people understand that they should get over their addictions for the sake of the family but they don’t know how and where they can get help. There are so many organizations nowadays that help in the recovery process. If you are a resident in California, you can find California addiction recovery centers via online directories. If you are living in any other areas, you can easily get some good addiction recovery centers too because they are so much available nowadays.